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We repair all models and brands of dishwashers in San Antonio. When your dishwasher experiences problems such as not cleaning the dishes well, the water stays in the bottom of the dishwasher, leaking or any other issues, let us take care of it. Our team in San Antonio is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are ready to receive your call for San Antonio dishwasher repair at our Toll free number:

210 858-7440

Please Note: We Do Not Sell Parts

IMPORTANT: We don’t work on small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, sewing machines etc. We provide repairs only on major appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, washers, stoves, ovens, dishwashers etc.

We repair and service all dishwasher brands such as:

Magic Chef
Montgomery Wards
Jenn Air

Kitchen Aid

Speed Queen
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Our dishwasher Service area includes all of San Antonio and the surrounding cities that are listed below:

San Antonio
Fair Oaks

Fair Oaks Ranch
Kelly USA
Leon Valley
Live Oak
New Braunfels

Randolph AFB

Shavano Park
Spring Branch
Universal City
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If you would like to get more familiar with your dishwasher, please read the information below. We also provide dishwasher energy efficiency tips about how to use and operate your dishwasher, while enjoying the benefits of saving money from future dishwasher repairs and high utility bills. Please note that the information below is for your own educational purposes and we aren’t suggesting tips for doing-it-yourself dishwasher repairs. Repairing and servicing dishwasher units requires knowledge, training and experience. Trying to repair something that you are not familiar with can be costly and, more important, dangerous for your safety. For any dishwasher repairs in San Antonio City call us 24/7 at our toll free line:

210 858-7440

Automatic Dishwashers

Dishwashers of the types built into the sink unit or work surface, with a permanent drain and power and water connections. Portable dishwashers that require no installation are also manufactured. Both dishwashers types are available in the 24" or 48" size. The permanently installed dishwashers have either a front or a top opening for loading and have either a cabinet design or an under-counter design. The dishes are cleaned by forcing hot water over them. A detergent is added to the water to remove food and grease. The dishes are rinsed with clear water and are dried by the heating element.
The five basic dishwashers components of all types of automatic dishwashers are: an dishwasher impeller; upper and lower dishwasher loading racks; an dishwasher automatic timer; a dishwasher heating unit; and a dishwasher timer motor.
Impeller. The dishwasher impeller is usually located in the bottom center of the dishwasher tub (close to the bottom rack) with its two blades scientifically pitched for effective and thorough water action. It is connected directly to the dishwasher motor shaft and is actuated by the impeller motor. A circular water diverter and the blades of the impeller direct the hot water upward for thorough washing of dishes in both racks.
Loading Racks. The two removable loading dishwasher racks are constructed of steel wire, electro zinc plated, and coated with a durable resilient plastic. They are unaffected by hot water, grease, or any of the recommended detergents.
Automatic dishwashers must have water supplied at a temperature of approximately 150° F. with a minimum pressure of 20 lbs. per square inch and a maximum pressure of 120 lbs. per square inch.
Plumbing Dishwasher Connections. All plumbing dishwasher connections must comply with local plumbing code regulations. Copper tubing may be used if this conforms with local codes. Water connections should be made to the inlet valve of the dishwasher with Ms" standard pipe fittings. The 4" maximum build-up of plumbing from the center line of the water inlet hole in the floor to the inlet side of the water valve should be held by the use of two close nipples, one 3/8" union, and one %" angle shut-off valve or one 3/4" elbow if the valve is installed in the basement. The location for the shut-off valve in a 48" dishwasher-sink should be on the sink side, of the cabinet if a water inlet line is built from the faucet hot water pipe. With a 24" dishwasher, the shut-off valve may be located inside the cabinet or in the basement.
Electrical Dishwasher Connections. The only electrical connections to be made arc. The dishwasher is completely wired, ready for connection to its power supply.
Dishwasher is designed to operate from a 115-volt 60-cycle a.c. power source. The current rating of the dishwasher alone is 16.5 amps. In connecting power to a dishwasher or dishwasher disposer combination, use a separately fused branch circuit with fuse ratings as follows:
Dishwasher unit alone 20 Amps.
Dishwasher plus disposer 25 Amps.

Method of Dishwasher Loading Top Rack. When loading the dishwasher top rack, pull the revolving rack forward. Place small juice glasses in the innermost circle. If preferred, they may be hooked over the wire loops. Use whichever method works best. Each glass must be placed mouth down so that the water can reach inside and properly drain. Small sauce dishes fit into the next narrow circle. Place glasses and cups in the widest ring. Alternate them by two's if de sired, or you may place half the glasses on one side and half on the other, with cups between the halves. Be sure the cups and glasses are mouth down. Saucers and bread and butter plates fit right into the outer circle. Throughout the washing cycle, the revolving rack turns about 20 times a minute, with a swirling action that cleans the dishes in the top rack. Every dish in the revolving dishwasher rack is exposed to the thorough washing action of the dishwasher. Even if a large bowl or a skillet in the lower rack forms a partial shield, the revolving rack allows for complete cleaning.
Method of Loading Dishwasher the Bottom Rack. Pull the bottom dishwasher rack out on its rollers so that it rests on the open door. Place dinner plates, salad plates, soup plates, and other flat plates into the ring of plate spaces that surrounds the silver basket. Alternate the large and small items to allow for the best water action. Large dinner plates will aid water distribution if they are placed at the corners of the lower rack. Put deep dishes, mixing bowls, skillets, or pans any remaining dishwasher plumbing and electrical connections after leveling and aligning (shims may be necessary) the dishwasher with any adjoining cabinets. Run the dishwasher through several cycles to test all connections. Replace the dishwasher timer control knob and the access panel.

Please note that this information is for your own educational purposes and we aren’t suggesting tips for doing-it-yourself. Repairing and servicing dishwasher units requires knowledge, training and experience. Trying to fix something that you are not familiar with can be costly and, more important, dangerous for your safety. For any dishwasher repairs in San Antonio City call us 24/7 at our toll free line:

210 858-7440